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Purchases & Refunds

Please ensure your payment method is correct, as sometimes you may be using the wrong funding source which may cause issues. If you are happy your payment details and the method is correct then please get in contact with out support and we will resolve the issue for you!

If you have purchased a course or item from our shop and wish to get a refund then please check our Refund Policy to check if you are eligible for a refund. If you believe you are then please get in contact with out team and we will process the refund for you!

Redeeming a coupon is never easier, simply add your desired course / item from our shop click “View Cart” and you will see an option to add a “Coupon Code” enter your coupon and hit “Apply Coupon”. If you have a valid coupon it will automatically update the total amount.

We currently accept two payment methods, one being PayPal which you may be familiar with, the other is Using CoinPayments.NET as your payment will allow you to pay with Cryptocurrency including many Alternative coins. You can view the supported coins here:  Supported Coins.


Head over to our Courses Page and find a course that best suits your needs. Once you are happy you found the right course select that course and then hit “Take this Course” if the Course is FREE or “Buy this Course” if it is a paid Course. After clicking follow the simple steps, please note a Bitcoin Homework will be required.

If you have issues adding courses get in contact with our support straight away, we are here to support you and understand how eager you are to start so if you experience any issues please get in contact with our support and we will look in to the issue for you.

NOTE: We recommend trying to add the course on a Desktop Computer rather than mobile as we have had issues with Adding Courses on mobile devices.

So you think you’ve got what it takes to teach others, check out our Become an Instructor and follow the simple instructions and apply today to become part of the Bitcoin Homework team!

Yes, of course you can! If you have a course you can offer to Bitcoin Homework which would offer useful information to our students we would be happy to review your course and pay according to the quality and size of the course. Simply get in contact on our Contact page.


You can change your “Nickname” on Bitcoin Homework which is the name others will see in the forum and blog (If you post comments on our blog). To change your username head over to your Profile then click settings, you will then see a field called “Nickname” enter your desired nickname in that field and then select it on “Display name publicly” drop down, job done!

If you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter simply scroll to the bottom of the email and click “Unsubscribe” it really is that simple, if you still receive emails after hitting Unsubscribe please drop us an email with your sign up email and we will manually remove your email from our distribution list.

Changing your password is very simple, once logged in go to your Profile select “Settings” tab and you will see an option to change your password.

Missing mobile purchase
If you have purchased a course and it was not added to your account please get in contact with our support with your account username / email and we will look in to the issue.

We are sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience but ensure you we will get this resolved and get your learning straight away!

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