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Welcome to Bitcoin Homework the leading Cryptocurrency learning platform, if you are looking to further your education or are completely new to Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Homework has you covered!

As Cryptocurrency is relatively new we’ve searched endlessly and saw there was not any platforms that offer a solid learning facility for Cryptocurrency education so we decided to take on the Project our self and created Bitcoin Homework. We are a fairly new site yet have a highly knowledgeable team with years of experience and are still updating our site regularly with courses and useful information on a daily basis.

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Learning Videos

Here at Bitcoin Homework we understand everyone learns differently, therefore we are continuously trying to cater for everyone’s needs, One of our many steps is the introduction of Learning Videos. Check out some of our FREE learning videos below.

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Structured Curriculum

Our courses are designed to keep you on track, so you learn everything you need to know about Block Chain technology as soon as possible.

Practice Smarter

We have added quizzes to each course to ensure you remember the fundamentals of each course you take. Ensuring you have taken aboard all of the key information presented in the course.

Community Driven

If you have a problem with anything or you just need some support you can visit our community and ask for help! Simply create an account and post in our Forum.

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September 5, 2017

Welcome to Bitcoin Homework

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Crypto For Kids – Coming Soon!

Our team of developers at BitcoinHomework are currently working on a new crypto for kids section where the younger generation can take part in courses that are easier to follow that your typical cryptocurrency course. We have tailored courses for children making it interactive and fun whilst they learn, there is no age requirement when trying to educate yourself in the Cryptocurrency industry with BitcoinHomework.
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