An Overview of Bisq: The True Decentralized Exchange

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Never before have decentralized exchanges been more important in the cryptocurrency universe. Tech titans Google and Facebook are considering ‘sanitizing’ their platforms from cryptocurrency endeavors. The US SEC and Congress are now laying the groundwork for greater control over something that was not meant to be controlled. They want to govern and centralize something that is decentralized by design. As I write this on March 15, 2018, I cannot help but wonder about what the future holds. We will be needing fully featured decentralized exchanges if governments and authorities are going to stifle our freedom to trade. Bisq could very well be one of the solutions.

Bisq is one of the greatest contenders for the title of ‘true’ decentralized exchange. It achieves this in so many ways. But the most important thing about Bisq is that it embodies the spirit and ethos of the cypherpunk movement. It embodies the spirit of Bitcoin when Satoshi Nakamoto first penned the Bitcoin whitepaper. It’s very rare to see a website or service devoting a ‘Philosophy’ segment on its page and it is definitely refreshing.

This course will go deep into Bisq in many aspects. We’ll go a bit into its history and founders. We’ll also immerse ourselves in its philosophy. We’ll tackle the platform itself and its capabilities. Time-permitting, we’ll see if we can execute a trade on the platform itself.

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